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Mack Brown Wednesday press conference notes

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The Texas head coach spoke with the media on Wednesday afternoon.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

After a remarkably upbeat Monday press conference following the loss to Ole Miss, Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown again met with the media on Wednesday for his mid-week press conference.

A few notes:

-- Kansas State linebacker Tre Walker, who made the now-infamous comments at Big 12 Media Days that Texas "laid down" in the past, called Brown several days after his comments to apologize. Brown eventually returned the phone calls and said that Walker is a "great player" and a "good young man."

-- Not a huge surprise, but Texas has made another position change this week, this time moving a player from the offensive to the defensive side of the ball. After earning some praise during fall camp, freshman wide receiver Chevoski Collins moved to defensive back, the position he was expected to play when he signed out of Livingston. He's likely to redshirt, but it isn't exactly a vote of confidence in the current group of defensive backs.

-- Brown said that he believes Texas has a chance to win each of the remaining games. According to him, he didn't feel that way in 2010. And after playing "psychologist" last week leading in to the Ole Miss game, Brown said Wednesday that he has been "more direct" with the players. What exactly does that mean? Hard to say, but it sounds like Brown may not have been as positive with the players this week as he has been with the media.

-- The coaches have been preparing freshman quarterback Tyrone Swoopes to play on Saturday. With starting quarterback David Ash still not able to practice in team drills as of Tuesday, the running ability of Swoopes could be a major boon for an offense looking to produce explosive plays in the absence of Ash and Johnson.

Swoopes only has a "limited package" of plays at his disposal at this point, but it could be enough to make a difference. Is it worth burning his redshirt to get him on the field to possibly win a game in what is already appearing to be a lost season? It's something the coaches will have to continue to assess as the week moves forward.

-- Saturday is also Cancer Awareness Day for the team: