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Texas-BYU: Quotables from the meltdown

Even the normal platitudes after a terrible loss were in short supply after yet another heartbreaking loss.

George Frey

Mack Brown, on the game ($)...

"I don't think our coaches or the players lived up to what they needed to do, including me."

He doesn't think the coaches and players lived up to what they needed to do? Um, the qualifier there shouldn't be necessary.

Scipio Tex, recapping the game...

"Gutless, soft, undisciplined, horribly coached, and scared. Those are just a few of the kinder descriptives that came to mind while watching Texas embarrass itself on national television. That's Texas Football after the "rebuild" under Mack Brown. When do we end this charade?"


/waits for answer


BYU quarterback Taysom Hill, on the effectiveness of the zone read...

"The long runs that I had were on a read-pull option and the end crashed and the backer that had me was picked up by our other running back and that freed me up. I was able to break a couple of leg tackles and have some good runs. All it comes down to is we were taking what the defense was giving us and when we have the options off our run game that we have, it's tough to stop and you saw that tonight."

After the game, Diaz tried to make it sound like Texas was prepared for the zone read game, but if the defensive ends were crashing again after making the same mistakes last week? It's hard to argue that they were prepared if they were merely doing the same thing and hoping for different results.

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall, on his team's performance...

"We played hard, physical and tough. We executed well and we controlled the game on the ground. We put relentless pressure on their quarterback and kicked the ball well. It was really gratifying to see a team effort the way it was and we had great leadership from Taysom Hill. We threw and caught the ball better today and our third downs reflected that."

"Our offensive plan was exceptional and I thought that our week of practice leading up to this game was one of the best I've seen since I've been the coach here."

"It was a hard week and it was a hard loss a week ago, but the team translated that into work and we worked them hard this week. They wanted to be worked hard and that gave them a chance to play like this."

"We prepared better, we prepared harder, we prepared longer and we prepared more diligently as coaches and players this week."

Hard, physical, tough. Executed, controlled. Exceptional gameplan. Mendenhall can say these things because they are true. When will Texas be able to say these things again? It seems that it won't happen under Mack Brown.

Texas offensive coordinator Major Applewhite, asked if losing sophomore offensive weapon Daje Johnson was a setback for the team...


Brown, on whether Diaz would be fired...

"I haven't even gotten out of the game. I'd like to watch the video."

There was some thought on Twitter when this quote broke that it was ominous for Diaz, but this is a pretty standard response from Brown when asked a reasonably specific question after a game. The difference this time is that the film is going to say that things are as bad as they felt during the game.

Brown, to Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde in August on whether he could be fired this season...

"I'm not going to [be fired]."

Sadly, this may still be true.

Scipio, summing it up...

What a farce of a program. This team has actual talent. They're just not being coached, led, or developed.
I'm not even angry. Just resigned.

It's true. At halftime of the game, I said on Twitter that I wanted to break something. In actuality, I felt much like Scipio -- just resigned. Resigned to more games in which Texas is out-coached and out-played. Resigned to all the coaches showing up again the next Monday. Resigned to pathetic post-game press conferences.

Resigned to another terrible season of Texas football.