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Mack Brown press conference: September 9, 2013

The Texas head coach will speak with the media for the first time since removing defensive coordinator Manny Diaz.


If the debacle in Provo on Saturday night was one of the worst losses in modern Texas football history -- and it was -- then the Monday press conference for Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown represents one of his lowest points meeting with the media after a loss.

There's certainly some competition from last October 15, when Brown was tasked with discussing the 63-21 loss to Oklahoma he had also declared unacceptable hours before, though that unacceptable performance didn't result in anyone being relieved of their duties, as was the case Saturday.

Brown will speak at his normal time of 11 am CT.

Points of substance will at least include an update on the head injury of David Ash, not to mention the leg injury of Daje Johnson, who seems less likely to play than Ash if his ailment is an ankle sprain of any significance.

Wise questions might include a discussion of how Brown thinks Robinson will be able to turn things around, what happened with the short-yardage playcalling, and maybe even what the results of continued struggles from the defense would mean for his job security.

And watch out for Brown's opening statement, too. He didn't have much to say after the game. How does he try to frame it roughly 36 hours later?

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