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Texas TE Geoff Swaim's language as blue-collar as his blocking

This is pretty awesome.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns haven't trotted out senior tight end Geoff Swaim to the media often in his two years at Texas and may have provided some insight on Tuesday night as to why that is.

When asked about the current record of the team, Swaim showed that his language is as blue-collar as his consistently excellent blocking:

So it was quite the media appearance by Swaim, who also said that "a win is a win is a win" and called Kansas State's Jake Waters "a helluva quarterback."

As happened with senior linebacker Steve Edmond after he talked some trash about Baylor back in the spring, Swaim probably won't be speaking with the media any time soon. Were his comments really a bad thing, though?

Probably not:

What does mean sh*t?

The way that Texas finishes the rest of the season.

And you keep doing you, Geoff Swaim -- just keep on telling it like it is and keep on laying crunching blocks on opponents.

At least Longhorn Nation knows now that it can love you as much for the former as it already did for the latter.