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Texas play caller Shawn Watson explains coaching box outburst vs. Iowa State

Yup, he was turnt.

Texas athletics screenshot

After Texas Longhorns sophomore quarterback Tyrone Swoopes completed the two incredible passes down the left sideline to put the Horns in position to take down the Iowa State Cyclones in a thrilling win at the end of regulation, play caller Shawn Watson was caught on camera going crazy in the Texas coaching box.

Though the thought here was certainly that Watson was deservedly excited, there was some speculation that Watson was unhappy about something, even if that belief didn't make much sense in the context of what was happening.

On Tuesday night, Watson put all of that speculation to rest.

"Everybody has asked me about it," Watson said. "I was excited. What happens when you go through something like that is you're basically playing tendencies that happen during a game -- there were tendencies going into the game we knew. They were validated during the game, and being able to nail a call during the game in that kind of critical situation -- you've got to trust your instincts because it's got to happen again. It did, and that's exciting point one. Point two is execution of the play. The guys did a great job."

So Watson was both pumped was a result of the ego gratification of doing his job right in an important moment and the pride of a teacher in seeing his pupils excel.

The result was a fantastic clip that surely echoed the emotions of the more demonstrative elements of the Texas fan base at the time.

"I get a little revved up," Watson continued. "I don't hide my emotions -- that's the competitive side coming out. My wife keeps telling me I've got to tone it down, but whenever I have to tone it down I'll retire because I still love the game. That's the competitive stuff. I still get a little goofy sometimes."

For Swoopes, it was just Watson being exactly who he is.

"He's just a passionate guy. He loves football. He loves coaching us, and we kind of get that kind of passion from him every day in practice, in meetings, wherever we are. Whenever we talk about football, we get that kind of passion from him anywhere he is, so I feel like that's a good thing from him."

The passion is paying off in the impressive development of Swoopes from a raw passer during the spring to a player capable of putting up record-breaking numbers in the intense atmosphere of the Cotton Bowl. For the most part, he's gotten better every week.

As has the play calling, a data set that now includes the brilliant calls to put down the Cyclones. In the excitement over the last two plays, it's even easy to forget about the incredible 3rd and 8 call on the previous drive -- a slip screen to senior wide receiver Jaxon Shipley that netted 22 yards.

On the next play, senior running back Malcolm Brown took the ball in for key four-yard touchdown run to give the Longhorns the lead.

Once a target of Texas fans who didn't think head coach Charlie Strong aimed high enough with the hire of Watson, the play caller has now earned himself a spot in Longhorns lore and a place in the hearts of orangebloods everywhere.

Keep it turnt, Shawn Watson, no matter what your wife says about it.