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Texas Board of Regents endorse Charlie Strong's core values

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week, Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong received an endorsement of his five core values from the Board of Regents during a special meeting over teleconference.

Strong has drawn national headlines for dismissing nine players from the program who have violated his rules, which are: honesty, treat women with respect, no guns, no drugs, and no stealing.

Amid a run of domestic violence incidents, the NFL has also taken notice, as commissioner Roger Goodell and league executive Troy Vincent stopped by last weekend to speak with Strong about his tactics.

And now the regents have stepped in to make their voices known after the unanimous endorsement.

"Consistent with the Board's and chancellor's previous actions on student success and well-being and in the same spirit, I move that the Board of Regents express its full support for UT-Austin head football coach Charlie Strong and his unwavering commitment to teaching, cultivating, supporting and demanding outstanding character, strong moral fiber and high core values in the young men he is charged to lead and teach," said Gene Powell, regent and Board vice chairman.

On Monday, during his Oklahoma game week press conference, Strong said that he wasn't aware of the endorsement.

"Nothing I'm doing here is special," he said. "It's not about me. It's never been about me. It's about developing young men."

And now the regents have made clear that they support those efforts.

"There's a reason that the commissioner of the NFL sat down with Coach Strong," said Steve Hicks, regent and Board vice chairman. "It's because of the things he believes in are the right thing. I think that Vice Chairman Powell's motion will prove that we stand firmly for those core values and what they mean to our student athletes, other students, the players, the coaches and their families."