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Texas injury updates: Darius James out with torn ACL, Kent Perkins injured, too?

Better keep working that magic, Joe Wickline.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns haven't had much margin for error this season along the offensive line and may have even less for the final two regular season games after some bad news for redshirt freshman offensive lineman Darius James and sophomore right guard Kent Perkins.

According to Horns Digest, James has suffered a torn ACL that would cause him to miss the rest of the season and put most, if not all, of his 2015 campaign at risk.

He had been awaiting the results of an MRI since news broke last week that he was injured during practice. James had started at right tackle against Baylor and Oklahoma before losing his starting job to sophomore Camrhon Hughes. As a result, James didn't see any action against Iowa State, Texas Tech, or West Virginia, though he did make an appearance against Kansas State after Perkins suffered a knee injury early in the contest.

And on Wednesday evening, there was a report from a Texas student journalist that Perkins was carted off the practice field after an apparent injury. The tweet has since been deleted and there hasn't been much definitive information to emerge from behind paywalls since then, but Horns Digest called Perkins "banged up" on Thursday.

So whether or not he will travel with the team to Stillwater or play in that contest remains to be seen.

Texas only has one experienced back-up offensive lineman at the moment -- redshirt freshman Jake Raulerson, who started at center after senior Dominic Espinosa's injury against North Texas, though he hasn't seen much action after junior Taylor Doyle displaced him at center for the Oklahoma game, where Doyle has remained since.

James is currently listed as the back up at both tackle positions, while Doyle is listed as the back up at left guard, leaving true freshman former defensive tackle as the back up at right guard and true freshman Elijah Rodriguez as the true back up at left guard. Neither has played this season.

If Perkins can't play against Oklahoma State, Raulerson is the likely replacement at guard to preserve the redshirts of McMillon and Rodriguez.