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Throwback Thursday: Texas QB Vince Young preserves BCS bid with comeback over Kansas

The man. The myth. The legend.

Where were you when Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young took off on 4th and 18?

I remember where I was -- standing in the Raleigh apartment complex in West Campus with my roommate, pacing nervously as the game hung in the balance.

"No, Vince!' I yelled at the TV as the Texas quarterback pulled the ball down and started running needing 18 yards to pick up the first down.

"Go, Vincent!" I yelled as I realized that this was happening.

(I was in the habit of calling him Vincent in the middle of big runs.)

"Yes, Vincent!" I yelled as he pump-faked once Kansas linebacker, felt my heart jump in my chest as he made another miss in the open field, then let out some type of blood-curdling exclamation as he then got out of bounds by blowing up the angle of the third and final linebacker, ultimately gaining four extra yards for good measure. Just because he could.

No big deal.

Then Young promptly found wide receiver Tony Jeffery for the game-winning 22-yard touchdown pass with 11 seconds remaining for a 27-23 escape from Lawrence that ultimately allowed Texas to play Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

The rest of is history.

That game was 10 years ago today. Happy throwback Thursday, y'all.

/basks in the glory of the Vince Young era