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How Texas could face Texas A&M in a bowl game

Let's do this.

Justin Tucker after the game-winning kick in 2011
Justin Tucker after the game-winning kick in 2011
Thomas Campbell (USA TODAY Sports)

The Texas Longhorns are now bow eligible after the 28-7 demolition of the Oklahoma State Cowboys and there's an increasing chance that a bowl game against the Texas A&M Aggies could be in the offing.

The rivalry burns as intensely as ever even though the schools currently don't have any plans on playing in football for the near future, making the match up extremely attractive to bowl games looking to draw big crowds.

And there are two bowl games that match up Big 12 and SEC teams in the tiers were the Horns and Aggies could conceivably finish -- the Texas Bowl held in Houston at Reliant Stadium on December 29 and the Liberty Bowl held in Memphis, also on the 29th.

Texas A&M and LSU both sport matching 3-4 conference records heading into the season finale for both teams in College Station. Since the LSU version of the Tigers lost 17-0 to the Razorbacks this weekend, that game's probably a toss up even though the Aggies lost at home to the Missouri version of the Tigers on Saturday.

Right now, the Aggies sit at eight in the SEC, tied with LSU. But there's a new selection process now in the SEC that dumps the teams into a pool. Then league representatives work with the bowl executives to determine the best fits.

In the Big 12, Texas now sits at fourth in the conference, though Oklahoma closes with Kansas and Oklahoma State, two likely wins, while West Virginia likely goes 1-1 versus Kansas State and Iowa State to finish at 5-4 in conference play to match Texas.

Assuming a loss to TCU, Texas would win the head-to-head with West Virginia and finish behind a 6-3 Oklahoma for fifth in the conference. According to the ties ins for the Big 12 conference, the Texas Bowl would get the fourth choice before the Liberty Bowl and would almost certainly take Texas.

A win over TCU could change things, however, opening up the possibility of ending up in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando against an ACC opponent.

Regardless, all the good feelings from the gifted win over Auburn last week are gone after another loss at home that puts Texas A&M at 4-6 at home in SEC play now. Defensive coordinator Mark Snyder is once again embattled and the program in general seems to be trending in a different direction than surging Texas.

In other words, this Texas A&M team might not be all that excited about having to face a Texas team with four weeks to prepare.

And Longhorns fans will be licking their chops about renewing the intra-state rivalry and make a statement that would resonate down the recruiting trail.

Stay tuned for bowl projections in the coming days.