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Texas Longhorns bring back metallic helmet decals on Thanksgiving

Wait a minute...

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong said following the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys that the metallic helmet decals worn for the first time in Stillwater were a one-time deal.

"Metallic helmets is just something that we wanted to have special for that one game and try to give our players a shot of juice where they could get going," Strong said on the Monday after the game.

"So they walked in, they didn't even know what was happening until they walked into the locker room and saw it and kind of lit up.  So we said if we're going to walk out there with those nice helmets, we better play well, too."

Yet, when the Horns took the field against the TCU Horned Frogs on Thanksgiving, the bright Longhorns logo on the helmets of the Texas players had returned.

cropped helmet logo

Texas athletics

Strong wasn't asked about the decals in a sombre post-game press conference during which the Texas head coach looked as dejected as he has all season, so it's unclear if there's a possibility that the change either becomes permanent or if the shiny decals will return once again for the bowl game.

One thing that is definitely the case --  the Longhorns didn't meet Strong's criteria of playing well when wearing them on Thursday night.