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Texas DC Vance Bedford calls alternative uniforms "clown suits"

The traditionalists in the Longhorns fan base can rest easy about any uniform changes, at least if the old-school defensive coordinator has anything to say about the matter.

John Weast

The uniform craze is sweeping college football, with some schools seemingly trotting out a different combination every week.

In all, 75 schools are wearing different uniforms this year compared to last.

Steeped in tradition, the Texas Longhorns are not one of those schools and defensive coordinator Vance Bedford, who has become infamous for his weekly rants, had his own take on wearing alternative uniforms on Wednesday:

"Absolutely, 100% NO! We're the University of Texas.

I mean, if a uniform is going to make you a player - I think when we wear our Whites, it's as pretty as any uniform out there.

When the University of Texas walks out there, with that logo and that uniform, you know who they are. If you look at USC's uniforms, you know who they are. If you look at Notre Dame, you know who they are.

It's nothing personal. I just don't need all that stuff. I'm just an old school guy. I'm not a young guy that needs all that stuff to say, 'Yeah, this is who I am.'

Give me the nice, clean-cut stuff and let's go play football."

There's no question that having different looks excite fan bases and recruits, but the classic burnt orange and white is still one of the best in college football, with USA TODAY ranking the Horns No. 3 in all of college football.

And that's overall -- the clean, white stormtrooper look that Texas wears on the road might place higher on the list by itself.

But one of those schools ranked ahead of Texas on that list?

The Oregon Ducks, the school that has for years been on the leading edge of the ever-changing combinations that are increasingly prevalent around the country.

Just don't try to tell Bedford that the Ducks look better in their clown suits.