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Texas LB Steve Edmond just really hates Baylor

This is how you provide a team bulletin board material.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Don't look for Texas Longhorns senior linebacker Steve Edmond to have many media availabilities this fall after trashing the Baylor Bears for no apparent reason following the annual Orange-White game on Saturday.

Well, there are some different things going on here, and actually addressing what Edmond is saying is kind of silly, but whatever, let's do it anyway.

Why did Texas lose to Baylor?

Besides the fact that the Bears simply had a better football team, the loss of players like Jordan Hicks, Johnathan Gray, Chris Whaley, and David Ash was too much to overcome. Especially when combined with the play of quarterback Case McCoy, who went 12-of-34 for 54 yards and two interceptions. Those two interceptions ended up totaling more return yards for the Baylor defense than the Texas players had catching passes from Baylor.

Also, the Bears really don't know how to act like they've been there before because they haven't -- it was the first Big 12 title for Baylor since the creation of the Big 12 conference and hadn't won an outright title of any sort in football since 1980.

It's probably also worth noting that Edmond didn't play in the game, instead watching it with Ash and Hicks. He suffered a lacerated liver against Texas Tech and missed the rest of the season, so that probably caused some pent-up frustration.

So, Edmond gives Baylor some bulletin board material for the summer, will have both fanbases riled up in the lead-up to the game this fall, and probably kept himself from ever talking to the media again during his final season at Texas.

Guess he just really had to get that off his chest, but going back to 2010, the Bears have won three of the last four games against the Horns, so they probably don't need any more bulletin board material.

And Texas clearly has a long way to go to beat Baylor this fall anyway.