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Texas Longhorns post-spring depth chart

The first official depth chart of the Charlie Strong era.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The Orange-White game for the Texas Longhorns on Saturday not only gave the public their first look at the new-look Horns under head coach Charlie Strong, but also provided a glimpse of what the post-spring depth chart looks like as the players begin Phase Three of the year -- summer conditioning.

Without further ado, then, here's the depth chart:

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver (H) 8 Jaxon Shipley | 4
Daje Johnson | 11 Jacorey Warrick
Wide Receiver (Z) 2 Kendall Sanders | 9 John Harris

Tight End (Y) 82
Geoff Swaim | 80
Blake Whiteley

H-back 85 MJ McFarland

Right Tackle 77 Kennedy Estelle | 71 Camrhon Hughes

Right Guard 74 Taylor Doyle | 67 Rami Hammad

Center 55 Dominic Espinosa | 50 Jake Raulerson
Left Guard 66 Sedrick Flowers | 63 Alex Anderson | 62 Curtis Riser
Left Tackle 68 Desmond Harrison | 62 Darius James
Wide Receiver (X) 80 Marcus Johnson | 88 Montrel Meander

Quarterback 18
Tyrone Swoopes
| 17 Miles Onyegbule

Tailback 28 Malcolm Brown | 3 Jalen Overstreet

Fullback 36 Alex De La Torre

Place-Kicker 23 Nick Rose | 28 Nick Jordan

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Buck 1 Shiro Davis | 91 Bryce Cottrell

Tackle (Nose) 90 Malcom Brown | 94 Alex Norman

Tackle 99 Desmond Jackson | 81 Hassan Ridgeway
| 65 Marcus Hutchins
Strong End 88 Cedric Reed
| 42 Caleb Bluiett

Strongside LB 19 Peter Jinkens | 40 Naashon Hughes

Middle LB 33 Steve Edmond | 55 Dalton Santos | 47 Andrew Beck
Weakside LB 24 Tim Cole | 7 Demarco Cobbs

CB 6 Quandre Diggs | 16 Bryson Echols

Free Safety 25 Josh Turner |
14 Chevoski Collins |

Strong Safety 2 Mykkele Thompson | 26 Adrian Colbert | 18 Kevin Vaccaro
CB 21 Duke Thomas | 25 Antwuan Davis

Punter 19 William Russ | 35 Michael Davidson

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Punt Returns 6 Quandre Diggs | 8 Jaxon Shipley

Kickoff Returns

Kickoffs 23 Nick Rose | 28 Nick Jordan
Holder 19 William Russ

Snapper (PAT/FG) 37 Nate Boyer | 45 Kyle Ashby
Snapper (Punts) 37 Nate Boyer | 45 Kyle Ashby

This depth chart does not include players who were injured in the spring game, as guessing which position they would slot into is basically a complete guessing game with only a few exceptions -- it would be pretty easy to put David Ash as the first-string quarterback and slot Kent Perkins at the first-team right guard slot after play caller and quarterbacks coach Shawn Watson revealed last week that the plan was to move him inside to get the best five offensive linemen on the field.

After those two, it gets a little bit more difficult. Here's a list of players who missed the spring game -- running backs Joe Bergeron and Johnathan Gray, wide receiver Jake Oliver, tight end Greg Daniels, defensive tackle Paul Boyette, linebackers Deoundrei Davis, Kendall Thompson, Jordan Hicks, and Tevin Jackson, safety Erik Huhn, and cornerback Sheroid Evans.

Of those players, the serious attrition candidates are Boyette, who did not appear to be injured but was not dressed, Davis, who was not in attendance, and Thompson, who has suffered from multiple concussions.

And since Texas didn't kick off during the game, it's impossible to talk about kickoff returners at this time, but it does seem likely that Daje Johnson will not be among them right now.

Speaking of Johnson, one of the only real points of contention on the depth chart is where Johnson sits currently. He didn't start with the ones or the twos, but spent some time with the ones. Is he really in front of Jacorey Warrick right now? There's an argument to be made that he isn't and that may well be a message from the coaching staff, supported by the fact that Johnson wasn't featured in the backfield as a running back despite a lack of depth there and wasn't used on jet sweeps either, traditionally how he has gotten most of his touches. He still seems to have some work to do to earn the trust of the coaching staff.

Well, there's also the fact that walk-on safety Dylan Haines could probably have a spot on this depth chart after he started at one safety position with the second team, a message to the group that includes Adrian Colbert and Chevoski Collins, but it's hard to imagine Haines seeing playing time in the fall

Any thoughts on the depth chart? Any major surprises other than Curtis Riser working with the third team? Where do the injured players fit when they get back?