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Texas Longhorns APB signee Kevin Shorter put on medical scholarship

The Hrns will likely be short on running backs in 2014.

Kevin Shorter at the 2013 Texas state track meet
Kevin Shorter at the 2013 Texas state track meet
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

The news hardly comes as a surprise, but former Newton all-purpose back Kevin Shorter will be put on medical scholarship for the Texas Longhorns this season, Shorter told ESPN on Monday morning.

After taking a hit to the neck in a football game last fall for Netwon, Shorter was diagnosed with a narrowing of the spinal column that resulted in bruising and swelling following the hit and put him at risk for paralysis if he played again.

The 6'0, 185-pound consensus three-star prospect held out hope for some time that he would be able to play football again, but it appears as if that's not the case.

He was rated as the No. 56 athlete and the No. 106 player in the state of Texas and signed with the 2014 class after both former head coach Mack Brown and current head coach Charlie Strong opted to honor Shorter's scholarship.

So while the loss of Shorter was expected for some time, the news comes as it appears that senior running back Joe Bergeron and sophomore running back Jalen Overstreet have been dismissed from the team. Combined with the fact that 2014 signee D'Onta Foreman is also battling potential eligibility issues, the losses leave the Horns without ideal running back depth for another season.

Had Shorter made it through his senior season without an injury, he would have had a chance to play early in the current conditions.

As it stands, Texas will have to hope for season-long health for senior Malcolm Brown and junior Johnathan Gray.