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Texas-Iowa State contest to air on Longhorn Network

Are Horns fans finally past the point of bitching about LHN?

Cooper Neill

The Texas Longhorns now know which second game will appear on the Longhorn Network this season, as the October 18 match up against the Iowa State Cyclones will air at 7 p.m. CT, the network announced on Tuesday.

Both schools agreed to move the game onto their proprietary networks and the Cyclones will air it, which is carried by Mediacom, primarily in Iowa. As a result of Big 12 rules, the Texas opponent must agree to move the game.

The Longhorns are contracted to air two games a year on the Longhorn Network and the Iowa State game was widely expected to be the choice for the second game, as it was in 2012.

The opener against North Texas on August 30 at the same time is the other contest scheduled for the network.

In the past, ESPN has used national commentators on Longhorn Network telecasts, but that won't be the case this fall.

LHN's Kevin Dunn will provide play-by-play for the game alongside analyst Ahmad Brooks, says the network. Brooks was a defensive football captain at Texas and has been an analyst at the network since it launched. Dunn is also a Texas graduate and has provided play-by-play on a variety of sports, including baseball since launch. This will mark the first Big 12 conference game the duo will call together.

And more fans will have access to the channel, as DISH has joined the carrier list, along with other giants like Time Warner, AT&T U-verse, Verizon FiOS, and smaller carriers like Grande Communications and a host of others that are mostly in Texas.

Since many more orangebloods can now watch those game, is it finally time to stop complaining about the decision to launch what remains the only school-specific network available from many of the nation's top carriers?