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Burnt orange named best team color in college football by USA Today

We're No. 1! We're No. 1!

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Not only do the Texas Longhorns make more money on merchandising than any other school associated with IMG College Sports, but the Horns football team also has the best team color in college football, according to USA Today.

Here's the entire top 10:

  1. Texas (burnt orange and white)
  2. North Carolina (Carolina blue and white
  3. Michigan (maize and blue)
  4. Alabama (crimson and white)
  5. Michigan State (green and white)
  6. USC (cardinal and gold)
  7. Ohio State (scarlet and gray)
  8. LSU (royal purple and old gold)
  9. Notre Dame (blue and gold)
  10. Oregon State (orange and black)

Some notable schools missing from the list include Penn State, Florida State, and UCLA, three schools that I would probably rank ahead of schools like Michigan State and at least the Halloween-looking uniforms worn by Oregon State.

And coming in last on this list in the FBS? The yellow and brown of Wyoming, with Oklahoma State's own version of Halloween orange not far behind. Just joking. Maybe.

But the article also recounts the history of burnt orange at Texas, including the fact that a 1900 vote by students, faculty, staff, and alumni narrowly installed orange and white as the colors instead of orange and maroon, a combination so ugly it's hard to imagine it could have lasted long.

Longhorns fans certainly know now that those two colors hardly belong together.

Some interesting anecdotes about the history of Texas team colors also include former track and field coach Clyde Littlefield traveling to Chicago to find a more color fast dye after the uniforms consistently faded a color that had opposing fans referring to the Horns as yellow bellies and former media relations director Bill Little shooting down the infamous story about Texas going back to a burnt orange color to hide the football under Darrell K Royal.

Thoughts, comments, or disagreements about the rest of the list?