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Texas QB David Ash gives up football because of concussion issues

The Horns passer is walking away from a game he clearly loves.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Junior Texas Longhorns quarterback David Ash is giving up football after a series of concussions and concussion-related issues, said Texas head coach Charlie Strong on Wednesday evening.

Strong said that Ash will remain a part of the team, but will no longer play football. The head coach suggested that Ash remain a part of the team and so Ash may travel to away games.

However, Strong said he told Ash that there was no chance that the team would let him play again after he likely suffered three concussions in the last year.

The first came against BYU late in the game last year against Provo. Ash missed the next game against Ole Miss -- in fact, he wasn't allowed in the stadium because bright lights can aggravate concussion symptoms -- and after returning against Kansas State, Ash left the game at halftime because he either suffered another concussion or at least suffered a recurrence of symptoms.

Those symptoms would abate for a while and then flared back again throughout the fall, causing Ash to miss the rest of the season.

He was cleared to return in the spring, but whether he would be able to survive hits in a game environment was always up for question.

Ultimately, the answer to that question was to the negative -- Ash played the entire opener against North Texas, taking several significant hits, then called the team trainers late that night with more concussion symptoms.

Strong wasn't sure if Ash is still suffering from those symptoms after missing the last two games, but ultimately, it doesn't matter -- the now-former Texas quarterback has to look out for his long-term health, which could already be severely affected by the concussions he has already sustained.

It's already a tragic story, one filled with untapped potential for a quarterback who could have had an NFL career if his developmental trajectory continued on a steep climb from his successful sophomore season. But it could have been much more tragic had Ash continued to play and suffered serious long-term repercussions to his health.

A hard worker, nice kid, and talented quarterback, Ash will have to move on with his life, with he will be a Longhorn for life.

Hook 'em, David, and best luck with what comes next.