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Texas CB Quandre Diggs is a quote machine, still embarrassed about BYU

Let's be honest, it's about revenge this weekend.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The beat writers who cover the Texas Longhorns probably weren't especially happy to cover the media availability on Labor Day, a holiday for most.

Senior cornerback Quandre Diggs certainly called them out on it because "at least y'all getting paid to be here."

Based on the type of material that Diggs has been providing ever since he went on a rant at Big 12 Media Days talking about how how Texas "had guys that just didn't love football."

On Monday, he continued to provide the type of sound bites that make covering the team a much easier task. Here's a sample.

On the last BYU game: "I'm still embarrassed about it."

On his other thoughts about the Cougars: "I have my thoughts...if I wanted to tell y'all I would."

On how the coaches talk about last year's game: "They continue to rub it in our face."

On the losses the team has suffered: "It's time to step up and it's time to be a man. It's time to grow up. They are put in this situation for a reason so we have to see them blossom and get ready to go."

On his role keeping the defense focused: "If I tell those guys I believe in them, they are going to believe me and we are going to go to work."

On the burden for redemption: "Until we go out and prove anything different, then you guys are going to continue to bring it up and it's going to be on ESPN and it's going to be on everything.  But like I said, I can't wait until you see us in those five days."

And so the vocal leader of the new Texas defense and his teammates are looking to prove something after last year's debacle.