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Matthew McConaughey shows up at Texas practice, does Wolf of Wall Street chant

/pounds chest /chants

Matthew McConaughey stopped by Texas practice on Wednesday
Matthew McConaughey stopped by Texas practice on Wednesday
Texas athletics

The Texas Longhorns had a high-profile visitor at practice on Wednesday, as Oscar Winner and noted Texas alum Matthew McConaughey stopped by the football complex.

Notice the smiling face of head coach Charlie Strong there looking on as McConaughey smiles himself with a clenched fist?

At first glance, it's not apparent what McConaughey is doing, but a later tweet from back-up quarterback Trey Holtz shed some light on a moment that otherwise might have gone unnoticed and unknown by the public:

In the movie, McConaughey plays Mark Hanna, who introduces main character Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to the excess of Wall Street -- the wealth, the drugs, the loose morals.

Wolf of Wall Street was nominated for five Academy Awards for a reason, as it's a movie filled with memorable scenes and Hanna thumping his chest and chanting is high on the list.

How did that end up as part of the movie? It's something McConaughey has actually done for years:

"That's something I'll do before scenes to relax myself, get my voice to drop. I've been doing it for a while. But it's just something I do to relax myself, get out of my head. And I was doing it before the scene and then I'd start the scene. We do five takes. I'm happy; Martin's happy. We're about to move on, and before we moved on, Leonardo raised his hand and said, 'Hang on a second. What's that thing you were doing before the scene?' And I told him, and he said, 'What if you put that in the scene.' I was like, 'Yeah, great.'"

If it works for McConaughey, why couldn't it work for the Longhorns?

In the past, there have been notable instances of Texas coming out flat in Lawrence, after all.