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Texas QB Jerrod Heard not taking the starting job from Tyrone Swoopes?

If Jerrod Heard wants the starting quarterback job, he'll have to show more during summer workouts.

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

It’s no secret the eyes of Texas are upon the quarterback battle in Austin as the team prepares for the 2015 season. This increasingly competitive fight for first string has been well documented from the earliest offseason workouts, through the spring game and on into summer workouts, just as it will continue to receive a great deal of focus into fall camp and ultimately, the final days before Texas’ season opener against Notre Dame.

Junior Tyrone Swoopes certainly has the edge when it comes to experience and during the Orange-White game put on display the minor tweaks and progress he’s made since the embarrassing 31-7 loss to Arkansas in the Texas Bowl. But redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard has consistently kept his name right in the thick of things and even emerged as the favorite in the eyes of some with his versatile skill-set as a dual-threat option; a valuable component with Texas going towards a more fast-paced, spread offense.

Obviously, with the quarterback position being one of the utmost importance when it comes to success in college football, the current battle at one of the most glorified football programs in the nation is sure to draw plenty of attention at any news of whom might be the Longhorns starting quarterback to kick off the 2015 season. An updated on the QB battle was provided Tuesday mornings per 247Sports ($), and Heard reportedly isn’t going out and taking the job from Swoopes as many expected him to.

"I think he might be worried about stepping on someones toes because he wasn't the starter last year, but if he wants the job he's got to go take it right now," the source said. "When it comes to (organizing workouts and taking the leadership role) he's not doing anything to separate himself from Tyrone."

"Jerrod could enter camp with the job basically won at that point, but Tyrone has done such a good job and he's doing what he needs to do when it comes to the little things," the source said. "The guy who wins the job is going to be the guy who pushes the right buttons this summer. Jerrod is doing that, Tyrone is just doing it more assertively right now."

There’s basically two more months before a decision on who will trot out and lead the first unit in South Bend must be made, and it’s quite possible that it takes that entire time for the starter to be announced. If asserting himself and pairing leadership ability with his multitalented skill set is what must be done to pry the starting job away from Swoopes, Heard still has some work to do.

Luckily for the redshirt freshman, he’ll have two more months to put in that work.