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Texas redshirt freshman OL Terrell Cuney arrested for shoplifting Wednesday

The Texas Longhorns backup center could soon find himself off the team after being arrested Wednesday

Brett Deering/Getty Images

You would think that by now, football players at the University of Texas would understand that certain behaviors, attitudes and actions result in their career as a Longhorn being a thing of the past. In his first season in Austin, head coach Charlie Strong dismissed nine players in total. That overall number may be increasing soon with the news that redshirt freshman center, Terrell Cuney, was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting, via 247 Sports.

Rather than being taken into custody after Cuney reportedly shoplifted from a local Wal-Mart, Cuney was only issued a citation and then released.

To this point, the backup center remains on the team, and unless Strong has already made an unannounced decision that Cuney’s time in burnt orange in finished, the 6-1, 278-pound lineman will have to start becoming nothing less than a role model athlete in Strong’s eyes.