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WATCH: The bond between Texas’ Foreman brothers

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The pair speaks their own language, sport identical tattoos.

Texas Longhorns juniors Armanti and D’Onta Foreman are standouts for the program on the field. If you weren’t already aware, they are also twin brothers, and the Longhorn Network spotlights their unique bond in this clip:

Armanti, the wide receiver, is the oldest by 12 minutes, but D’Onta counters by saying he’s always been bigger so everyone assumes he’s older.

Like you’d expect of two elite athletes, the pair were ruthlessly competitive from a young age and drove their parents nuts.

“We used to fight over the front seat,” says D’Onta, the running back. “If we came home and had some left over food, we’d try to get the most of the leftover food. We always wanted to have more than what the other one had.”

Though they play different positions, the competition continues today as the twins try to outdo each other on the gridiron. Of course, they also try to be the first to congratulate each other on a big play.

Apparently D’Onta and Armanti even speak their own language, although they don’t demonstrate in the video.

If the bond wasn’t obvious enough already, the Foreman brothers each have the exact same tattoo.

Feel the brotherly love: