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WATCH: Mic’d up with Texas OL coach Matt Mattox

“Get ourselves in great stances and let’s come off the damn ball.”

Texas Longhorns offensive line coach/running game coordinator Matt Mattox takes a lot of pride in what he does.

Mattox, who joined the team in the spring along with offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert, is the subject of the Longhorn Network’s latest “Mic’d Up” segment:

Offensive lineman Connor Williams describes Mattox as a great coach, and says he’s had a tremendous impact on the running game.

“He brings it every day and wants to make us better,” Williams says. “As a player, it’s a great thing to have.”

Head coach Charlie Strong describes Mattox as an “unbelievable” offensive line coach, and says players both respect and believe in him.

And unlike many coaches, he’s also described as a lot of fun to be around.

“Off the field, and when we’re breaking, I’m pretty laid back,” Mattox says. “I like to have a good time and have some humor, try to spice it up. I teach these guys a little about the music world when I get a chance. I try to be real black and white with them, and clear with my expectations.”