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Here’s the hype video Texas watched before beating Baylor


How were the Texas Longhorns able to pull off the upset last weekend over the No. 8-ranked Baylor Bears?

There were many reasons, but one of them was probably this video, shown right before the team took the field and beat the Baylor 35-34.

In the beginning, a thundering voice speaks over ominous music:

“This helmet by itself can’t win one dadgum game. That helmet can’t win a game. It’s the men who have the privilege of putting it on and playing... We’re all males by birth, but you’ve got to choose to be men.”

Later, the clip takes a twist: The words “Eye of the Tiger” are repeated several times, ahead of a shot of Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed from the famous movie franchise.

Creed shouts “There is no tomorrow!” And the rest is history.