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WATCH: Spring profile on Texas Longhorns OG Patrick Vahe

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"Basically it's just 'move fast and score.' That's what our mindset is."

Texas Longhorns sophomore offensive lineman Patrick Vahe is preparing for his second spring game in the burnt orange this Saturday.

Like the rest of the team, he's spent the spring gearing up for next season, and like the rest of the offense is learning new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert's system.

"Everybody's just working as a family, that's the most important thing here," he says in the above Longhorn Network spring profile. "Basically it's just 'move fast and score.' That's what our mindset is."

The 6'2, 319-pound offensive guard started 10 games last season as a true freshman.

Vahe, who has drawn comparisons to former offensive lineman Kasey Studdard and is known to perform the haka, adds that he's not a conditioning guy, but he makes sacrifices for the good of the team. His goal is to progress as a player and get better every day.

"My father always taught me to be humble whenever a situation comes," he says. "I'm doing that and making sure I don't lose track of where I'm going."

During the spring game, Vahe says the team will show what they've been planning in practice for the last few months.

"This spring, for me, I feel like it's been great."