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WATCH: Texas Longhorns OT Connor Williams spring profile

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"I'm trying to be the best I can at the offense and as a teammate."

Texas Longhorns offensive tackle Connor Williams missed some time earlier this spring with a toe injury, but is back in action working toward the 2016 season. Like the rest of the offense, the sophomore lineman is learning and perfecting the new offense under offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert this spring.

"We all have to have more experience and we're pushing each other along," Williams says in his spring profile. "I've been helping the newcomers come up. I'm working hard and trying to be the best I can at the offense and as a teammate."

Gilbert brought new offensive line coach/run game coordinator Matt Mattox with him, replacing Joe Wickline in that position. Williams has high praise for the new boss as he works to speed up the tempo.

"(Mattox is) a great coach, he's a great family man. His door is always open and he always wants to talk to us," Williams says. "He's a very intense coach, he expects nothing but the best from us. It's been quite a change, it's been difficult and it takes a lot of conditioning. But after getting into it, it pays off."

Williams hails from Coppell and stands 6'5, 283 pounds. He emerged last season as a franchise left tackle and it will surprise no one if his name is called in the first round of the 2017 or 2018 NFL Draft.