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CBS Sports: Texas is the real DBU

Analysis says the 'Horns own the title.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Several schools across the country claim to be Defensive Back U, but an objective analysis from CBS Sports concludes the Texas Longhorns alone deserve the designation.

Solomon's criteria for determining the true #DBU includes number of NFL starts for former players, number of Pro Bowl selections, number of draft selections and number of first-round picks. The cutoff date for all four was 2006, although players drafted before that year could still count toward the other categories.

The competition included six schools who make the DBU claim, which are ranked below (number of points in parenthesis):

6. Florida (522)
5. Miami (570)
4. LSU (683)
3. Ohio State (693)
2. South Carolina (696)
1. Texas (738)

Not only did the 'Horns take the title, they won the competition by more than 40 points thanks to 687 starts, six Pro Bowls, 12 draft picks and five first-rounders over the last decade.

Here's what Solomon had to say about the Longhorns:

1. Texas: Florida and LSU often boast that they're Defensive Back U. In reality, Texas deserves the title with an impressive amount of quality depth over the past decade. Besides Earl Thomas and Michael Griffin being Pro Bowlers, the Longhorns also produced Michael Huff, Cedric Griffin, Tarell Brown, Aaron Ross, Aaron Williams and Kenny Vaccaro. In the past decade, only Alabama had more defensive backs drafted (14) than Texas (12). The Longhorns are tied with Alabama for the most first-round picks at defensive back (five). The big difference: Texas defensive backs have started 200+ more NFL games than those from Alabama since 2006. Perhaps one of these years Texas will turn it around on the field in college to mirror this NFL success in the secondary.

So the next time that some other school claims to be "DBU," just point them towards this analysis.