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Former Texas Longhorns QB David Ash believes Charlie Strong can be successful

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"I think Coach Strong can do it."

David Ash's last game for the Texas Longhorns was Charlie Strong's first, a 38-7 win over North Texas. After Ash retired due to concussion issues, the 'Horns lost 14 of 24, but Ash says in an interview with KEYE's Adam Winkler that Strong has what it takes to bring winning back to Austin.

"I think Coach Strong can do it," he says in the above clip. "He brings a level of discipline and toughness that's pretty extraordinary. The players love him."

Ash won 13 of his final 17 starts before head injuries ended his career prematurely -- a concussion against BYU in the second game of 2013, a subsequent concussion upon his return against Kansas State, and a final hit against North Texas the following season that ended his career. He would have been a senior during the 2015 season, and remains the program's eighth all-time leading passer. The head injuries that kept him from fully using his last two full years of eligibility significant set back the program just when it looked like Ash was ready to build upon a promising sophomore season.

An early enrollee, Ash's extra time in Austin helped him earn the starting job as a freshman. He says he'd tell fellow early enrollee Shane Buechele "you don't have to be an All-American day one."

"Just relax and understand it's a process," Ash says. "There will be mountains and there will be valleys."