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Campus Insiders: Texas Longhorns will go 9-3 in 2016

This could be the year Charlie Strong puts his stamp on the program.

How many games will the Texas Longhorns win in 2016? That's the question on everyone's minds, and the question Campus Insiders' Pete Fiutak attempts to answer in the above video. Fiutak says how many games he expects the 'Horns to win, which key games could determine the outcome of the season, and which opponents could be the most trouble.

"This has to be the year Charlie Strong finally has Texas turned around, or at least be a whole bunch better," Fiutak says. "And he might have just the talent in place to do it."

Fiutak predicts nine wins for the 'Horns in 2016.

In 2015, the Longhorns went 5-7 after going 6-7 in Strong's first season. And the stakes are high this season, because while athletic director Mike Perrin said there's not a "magic number" of wins for Strong to reach this year to keep his job, there is plenty of pressure to show significant improvement after he gets two full recruiting classes on campus.

Recruits are watching, too, and the finish of the 2017 class will depend heavily upon Texas impressing upon them the positive direction of the program. Nine wins would likely be enough for another big close for Strong.

So, Texas fans, call your own shot -- how many games will the 'Horns will in 2016?