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Erick Fowler, Marcel Southall, and Baylor flips added to Texas roster

Six talented players add to an already massive 2016 Texas recruiting class.

It's been a wild past few days for the Texas Longhorns football program. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was uncertain if Texas signees Erick Fowler and Marcell Southall would academically qualify to come to Austin, and it seemed unlikely that Baylor would release players from their letters of intent.

Now, Fowler and Southall as well as new Baylor flips Devon Duvernay, J.P. Urquidez, Donovan Duvernay, and Patrick Hudson have all been added to the roster.

While this is not a complete guarantee that Southall and Fowler will make it to campus, it looks that a very positive sign that both will be in Austin for school's second summer session.

Fowler, an Army Bowl All-American weak-side defensive end, particularly seemed in danger of not qualifying. A source reported in May that Fowler would need to take summer school in order to qualify for Texas.

Today, Texas has added to its roster four four-star recruits and two three-star players. At one point, all six appeared as if they wouldn't be added to the 2016 class. The new additions will provide Texas with excellent depth a offensive line for this year in Hudson and Urquidez,  a speedy impact at wide receiver in Devin Duvernay, a safety with potential to grow in Donovan Duvernay, and athletic, strong talents on the defensive side of the ball in Southall and Fowler.

There's still 67 days left before the season begins, but today is a fantastic day for Texas football.