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Here's 10 minutes of Vince Young dominating with the Texas Longhorns

From the ESPN archives.

A decade later, it can sometimes be hard to remember that yes, Vince Young really was that good with the Texas Longhorns. To remind everyone, SportsCenter tweeted out the link to a video with some of his greatest plays from back in the day.

Here is the video in question:

It's an interesting look at the Vince Young era in Austin. The clips are raw, with no contemporary commentary on what was happening and what it meant for the program. In fact, the only audio for much of the clip appears to be a generic loop of football game crowd noise.

The 10-minute highlight reel shows several different angles for some of Young's biggest plays, like those from the 2005 Rose Bowl against Michigan and a late touchdown against then No. 4 Ohio State. But conspicuously absent are highlights from the national title game, maybe because those have been shown so many times before.

There will always be debate over Young's days in the NFL and whether or not it could have gone differently, but there is no denying he's one of the greatest to ever play in burnt orange.