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WATCH: Charlie Strong on what it takes to play QB for the Texas Longhorns

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“Manage the offense, just manage the offense.”

There’s a lot of talk about who will play quarterback for the Texas Longhorns this fall, and what it will take for whoever fills the role to succeed. Above, ‘Horns coach Charlie Strong weighs in on the question himself in a Campus Insiders clip from Big 12 Media Days.

"Manage the offense, just manage the offense," Strong says. "When you’re looking at a quarterback, it’s ‘can he go in and take control of the game.’ You’re going to have to get us in the right play. Can you get us in the right play and get us out of the wrong play? And do the players have enough confidence and enough belief in you to realize that you are that guy. Is he the guy we really can count on?"

In less than two months we'll have the answers to a lot of those questions.