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WATCH: Week 2 of Texas Longhorns ‘Battle for the Belts’

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Sheroid Evans, Naashon Hughes and Paul Boyette hold the hardware.

"Battle for the Belts," the brainchild of Texas Longhorns strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer, continues as the team prepares for the 2016 football season. Above, check out the second week of the competitions, which are part of Moorer’s rigorous offseason conditioning program.

The contest features a lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight champion, decided after players push weighted sleds, lift and carry big weighted bags and weight plates, then kick a victory field goal.

For the second time, senior cornerback Sheroid Evans is the lightweight champ, while junior defensive end/outside linebacker Naashon Hughes won middleweight and senior defensive tackle Paul Boyette Jr. earned the heavyweight champ.

Previous winners include PJ Locke, Andrew Beck, Tristan Nickelson, Tyrone Swoopes and Brandon Jones.