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WATCH: Week Three of Texas Longhorns ‘Battle for the Belts’

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Who’s got what it takes?

The offseason strength and conditioning "Battle for the Belts" continues with another week of grueling competition among the Texas Longhorns. If you aren’t familiar with BFTB you can get caught up here, but essentially the battles are a competition set up by ‘Horns strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer to see who can win a variety of skills and endurance competitions.

Each week features a lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight champion, crowned after pushing weighted sleds, carrying weighted bags and enduring various other hellish tasks.

The latest edition of the competition included 500 meters rowing, a 2x4 push, kettle bell walk, pulling a heavy bag and throwing a fade ball into a net.

Week Three’s winners were senior cornerback Sheroid Evans (now a three-time lightweight champ), junior defensive end/outside linebacker Naashon Hughes (his second middleweight win) and Tristan Nickelson as the heavyweight division champion.

But how about punter Michael Dickson making the finals in the middleweight division? Not to mention the fact that new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert may need to put in a trick play for Nickelson to throw the ball, as he was on money with his first attempt on the fade.