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WATCH: Best and worst-case scenarios for the Texas Longhorns in 2016

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It's all about the quarterbacks.

Everyone is busy making their predictions for how the Texas Longhorns will perform in 2016. Will they win seven games? Eight? Nine? Ten? Above, Campus Insiders’ Pete Fiutak takes a slightly different approach, offering not a prediction but what factors will determine the ‘Horns success.

For Fiutak, it’s all about the quarterbacks.

"What’s the best-case scenario for the Longhorns this year?" he says. "First of all, the quarterback question has got to be settled."

Fiutak grants that Texas will have a strong running game, but ultimate success or failure will hinge on quarterback play.

If the quarterback question isn't settled we could be looking at the worst-case scenario -- a season spent wondering who will be the next head coach in Austin.