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WATCH: Five questions with Texas Longhorns RB coach Anthony Johnson

"It's interesting to me to see who comes out of camp and who takes this thing by the reins."

Texas Longhorns running backs coach Anthony Johnson is the latest participant in the Five Questions with Michael Huff series following Sterlin Gilbert and Vance Bedford, and you can watch the interview between the former teammates above.

Huff and Johnson go way back. Both were part of the 'Horns 2001 recruiting class and both featured in the 2005 national championship team.

Following his playing career, Johnson spent three years at Texas as a quality control coach, followed by four years coaching running backs at Sam Houston State and two years in the same position at Toledo. He was hired in February to coach running backs in Austin and says it's unbelievable to be back on the 40 Acres.

Johnson always knew he wanted to be a coach. He even gave it a shot early on.

"In Little League I would draw plays and give them to my coach and tell them that's the play I want to run," he says. "I got tired of running sweeps all the time."

The new running backs coach inherits one of the best position groups on the team, headlined by D'Onta Foreman and 2015 breakout back Chris Warren III. Sophomore Kirk Johnson and true freshman Kyle Porter will also be under Johnson's guidance.

So does he even have to coach or does he get paid to do nothing?

"The truth of the matter is that my room is kind of unique," Johnson says. "They are coming into this season with a lot of hype because they had some flashes, but I haven't had a guy in my room to this point start a full season and be the guy. It's interesting to me to see who comes out of camp and who takes this thing by the reins."

With so many great running backs in the pantheon of Texas football, Huff asks if Johnson shows his players old film of backs like Ricky Williams.

"I did when I first got here, that was the first thing I did," Johnson says. "I asked Mike, our video guy, to give me every back that we've had in history. We went through and watched every highlight. I had Ted Koy come and speak to the guys one day before practice in the spring. So yes I think it's very important that those guys understand the history and what they're chasing here as a running back."

The biggest question, and the last question, is if Johnson thinks he could still play if it was fourth and one in the national title game.

"Is it on the goal line? Because I want to score," Johnson says. "I've got that one, for sure. I've got one in me."