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WATCH: Texas TE Coach Jeff Traylor’s 'Longhorn Lessons' on focus

“Be where your feet are... That means live where you are right now.”

Texas Longhorns tight ends coach/special teams coordinator Jeff Traylor brings us the next edition of "Longhorn Lessons" on focus.

"Focus on now. Not yesterday, not in the future," says the reigning Big 12 recruiter of the year. "Focus on being a great teammate. Don’t be selfish. The disease of ‘me’ is a miserable way to live."

Traylor reminds the team that thoughts become words and words become actions. Actions become habits, and habits become character, which shapes your destiny.

"We’ve all known that our whole lives," he says. "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God, that’s why it’s called the present."

That’s the biggest point of Traylor’s speech — to live in the present.

"Be where your feet are," Traylor says. "That means live where you are right now."

Texas offensive line coach Matt Mattox has also given the team his "Longhorn Lessons," which you can watch here.