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WATCH: Texas Longhorns OL Coach Matt Mattox takes 5 questions from Michael Huff

"I want to see the execution, technique and fundamentals every day so we can get to the next level."

Texas Longhorns offensive line coach Matt Mattox is the latest participant in the "5 questions with Michael Huff" series. Mattox, who recently spoke to the team about attitude, begins by explaining how he made the transition from playing tight end to offensive lineman.

As a tight end he was used to blocking a lot since his high school ran a wishbone offensd, and continued doing so early in his college career. Weighing 275, Mattox was asked if it was easier for him to gain weight or lose weight.

"I had about 15 of my buddies fall to the ground dying laughing because they knew how much I loved to eat," Mattox says. "So I went from being a slow tight end to a fast offensive tackle when it came to conditioning."

A first-year Texas coach who came from Tulsa with offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert, Mattox says he's loving Austin so far.

"It's been great, especially for my wife and my daughters with all of the different parks and being able to get out and go to different areas," he says. "We've enjoyed the outdoors a lot more. Obviously it's hot now, but we're used to that. I'd rather it be hot than cold."

Texas is the fourth stop Mattox has traveled to along with Gilbert, following short stints at Eastern Illinois, Bowling Green, and Tulsa. Huff asks how the two were able to build a bond.

Mattox says he met Gilbert at Houston in 2005. Mattox was an assistant strength coach and Gilbert was a graduate assistant. The pair stayed in contact and when they reunited at Eastern Illinois in 2013, and they found that they matched up well both personally and professionally.

Huff's next question is about what Mattox is looking for going into fall camp.

"I want to see that, A: Their physicality. What they did this summer to get in shape. I want to see them use that on the field," he says. "Also, we've got to be better at our technique and fundamentals. I want to see the execution, technique, and fundamentals every day so we can get to the next level."

The last question is: What do you say when you're watching film and a defensive back (like Huff) beats an offensive lineman?

"That's one of those things we talk about. There are guys that don't belong in the box," Mattox says. "When they come in there, we need to take advantage of that opportunity. The number one thing we know with most DBs blitzing is they don't want to run through you. So make them have to try to run through you and see what happens."