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WATCH: Latest Texas fall camp updates show a different attitude

The mindset Charlie Strong and his staff hope to implement into the team looks to be working

The latest video updates from the Texas Longhorns fall camp are out and once again, there’s much to see and hear.

Sophomore receiver John Burt discusses the team’s energy throughout camp, saying "Usually about the fourth or fifth day, you know, guys are tired and guys are sore and everything. That wasn't really the case for us. There was a lot of energy."

The reason for the energy? Burt goes on to discuss last season and everyone wanting to build upon that, which required an entire mood change. "Ever since the spring, you could just kind of tell that there was a different mood throughout the whole entire building," Burt said.

Offensive line coach Matt Mattox can be largely credited for the mood change, as sophomore lineman Patrick Vahe said Mattox is trying to instill a family environment. It seems to be working: "We'll it really is more like a family environment that he [Matt Mattox] wants," Vahe said. "He sees that it's not players taking care of players; it's brother taking care of a brother."

What about a current quarterback taking care of a former quarterback, as seen with Tyrone Swoopes delivering a deep ball to the hands of a waiting Jerrod Heard at 1:57.

We're really all in it together and we're just pushing through and we're coming together as a team," sophomore lineman Connor Williams said.

The defense has been coming along nicely, too. As junior fox end Nashon Hughes put it, "most of us are actually bigger, stronger and faster than what we were last year."

Among those who looked bigger, faster and stronger was senior defensive back Sheroid Evans, who is finally after after a knee injury that kept him out all summer. "I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do it," Evans said of his return to football. "I talked to A. Ross [Aaron Ross] about it and he gave me some good insight."

If Evans’ interception, followed by a jarring hit at 1:22 are any indication, the veteran may be back in time to make a noticeable impact on a still fairly young secondary.

For the young talent, and even the two and three deep, senior safety Dylan Haines spoke of Coach Jennings’ message to the team, saying "stay ready so you don't have to get ready. I think we all take that to heart, so I think we're working out there right now during camp trying to get ready so no matter if you're first, second or third string, when you're name is called you'll be ready."