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AP ranks Texas Longhorns football No. 8 all-time

The list uses 80 years of polls to compile overall top teams.


Using an unbelievably extensive amount of data, the Associated Press has ranked the Texas Longhorns college football’s No. 8 all-time team. The AP has been ranking schools since 1936. It utilized more than 80 years and 1,103 total polls, which have ranked a total of 165 schools, to determine the all-time top 25.

The formula awards one point each for poll appearances, an additional point for No. 1 rankings and 10 points for an AP national title.

The top 10 is as follows:

  1. Ohio State (1,112 points)
  2. Oklahoma (1,055 points)
  3. Notre Dame (1,042 points)
  4. Alabama (993 points)
  5. USC (974 points)
  6. Nebraska (901 points)
  7. Michigan (894 points)
  8. Texas (822 points)
  9. Florida State (714 points)
  10. Florida (674 points)

Here’s the full rundown on the ‘Horns:

Total appearances: 703, 63.74% of all polls

First appearance: 1940

No.1 ranking: 44 1/2

Championships: Three (last 2005)

Best full decade: 2000s appeared in 99.40% of polls.

Worst full decade: 1990s appeared in 47.34% of polls.

Poll point: The Longhorns have not had a top-10 rankings since Sept. 19, 2010, the program's longest such streak since Nov. 26, 1984-Nov. 4, 1990.

While Texas wasn’t ranked at all during the poll’s first four seasons, the team has been ranked in nearly two-thirds of all AP polls. During the 2000s Texas was ranked more than 99 percent of the time, which is incredible.

Hopefully Charlie Strong is preparing to return the team to the top of the polls, or at least keep the 2010’s from replacing the 1990s as the program’s worst full decade.

Texas A&M ranks at No. 18 in the all-time poll. However, the Aggies haven’t been ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll since Nov. 11, 1957, and haven’t even been No. 2 since Dec. 1, 1975.