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WATCH: Texas TE Coach Jeff Traylor talks Beast Texas recruiting and more

"Those athletes have been in those woods for a long time... You've just go to know where they are."

The "5 Questions with Michael Huff" series continues with Texas Longhorns tight ends coach Jeff Traylor.

Huff jumps right into his questions, asking the talented recruiter how he got started in coaching.

"It’s all I ever wanted to do," Traylor says. "In my high school yearbook, you could look where it says, ‘Where do you want to be in 10 years?’ I wanted to be the head football coach at Gilmer High School."

It took him a little longer than 10 years, but Traylor made it back to Gilmer and made a name for himself winning three state titles during his 15 years as head coach at the school.

Traylor’s parents were both educators, which also influenced him to become a coach.

"I haven’t worked a day in my life," he says. "It’s been a blessing."

Given all his success at Gilmer — Huff jokes that every boy born in the local area during his tenure was named Jeff — why did he leave for Texas?

Traylor says it wasn’t his first chance to get into college coaching, but the time was right when Charlie Strong came calling.

"I felt it in my gut that last time, I told my wife all year long that I felt like the Lord was pulling me somewhere," Traylor says. "I didn’t know where. I had dreams about it, I know that sounds crazy. I didn’t know it was going to be the University of Texas, I didn’t know it was going to be Coach Strong, but I just felt it in my gut."

It was tough to leave the place he’d been so long, especially with his children in high school, but Traylor felt he had a lot in common with Strong and that God had pulled him out of Gilmer and brought him to Austin.

Huff’s next question is about what makes "Beast Texas" such a great area for football.

"I believe there’s a different culture there," Traylor says. "Football is so important in those small communities. Those athletes have been in those woods for a long time. Earl Campbell, Billy Sims, you can go back through all the great players that have come out of those woods. You’ve just got to know where they are."

Traylor certainly knows where to find them and how to land them, securing signatures from No. 1 safety Brandon Jones in 2015, which helped him earn Scout's Big 12 Recruiter of the Year honors, and then producing to serve as the lead recruiter for four 2017 Beast Texas products, a full 57 percent of the current class -- the classes top-rated prospect in Liberty-Eylau's Lagaryonn Carson, athletic wide receiver Damion Miller from Tyler John Tyler, a high-upside safety prospect in two-way standout Montrell Estell of Hooks, and Jones' former teammate, cornerback Josh Thompson, who flipped from TCU.

The last question is about where Traylor’s passion and energy comes from.

"God made all of us a certain way, and that’s just the way I’m hardwired," Traylor says. "I love my kids, we work really hard at it, I love the game. If you’re gonna do something, why not be the very best you can at it?"