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WATCH: Week Five of Texas Longhorns ‘Battle for the Belts

Brandon Jones, Andrew Beck and Tristan Nickelson walk away winners.

As the offseason winds to a close we have reached the fifth and final week of the epic Texas Longhorns "Battle for the Belts."

The competition was created by ‘Horns strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer as a kind of cross between traditional football drills and American Ninja Warrior. The competition features a weekly lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight champion, with the contest varying slightly each time.

For the final round, Moorer had players perform heavy bag throws, a sled push, heavy bag carry, 2x4 push, two chances to kick a field goal and, if they missed both, a final sprint and another 2x4 push.

This week’s finals featured freshman defensive back Brandon Jones vs. sophomore safety PJ Locke (lightweight), junior tight end Andrew Beck vs. freshman running back Kyle Porter (middleweight) and sophomore offensive lineman Connor Williams vs. junior offensive tackle Tristan Nickelson (heavyweight). Jones, Beck and Nickelson came out on top.

The big winner from the competition is Nickelson, who won his division four out of five weeks.


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