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Lou Holtz talks to Texas football about accountability, does magic tricks

“There isn’t any such thing as magic in winning. It’s having the faith and belief in the things I’ve talked to you about.”

The Texas Longhorns had a very special guest for camp in the form of the one and only Lou Holtz. Love or hate him, you’ve got to respect Holtz’s unique presence in the college football world over the past 40 years.

"I’m here because of the tremendous respect I have for Charlie Strong," Holtz says in the above video. "I’ve had a lot of great assistant coaches. Urban Mayer, Barry Alvarez, etc. Nobody is better than Charlie Strong."

Respect between Strong and Holtz goes both ways because the two have a history dating back more than 20 years. Strong coached defensive backs during the last two years of Holtz’s tenure at Notre Dame, and was defensive coordinator at South Carolina for four years while Holtz was the head coach in Columbia.

Strong told SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey he learned from Holtz to present himself as if nothing was ever wrong, no matter what.

"Notre Dame is a lot like here. There’s always a message out there that something is wrong. But [Holtz] said, ‘If players don’t see that in you as a coach, then their response will be the same as you. But if you make a big deal about it, they’ll make a bigger deal about it."

During his speech, Holtz also tells the team to love and respect one another.

"Every great team believes in themselves," he says. "You have no chance to succeed if you don’t believe in yourself."

He adds that accountability is the most important thing for a football player to get right, and then performs an old-school magic trick by appearing to tear up a newspaper and then pulling it back together again.

"Somebody said ‘how did I do that?’" Perfectly I thought."

With the whole team perplexed, he finishes up by saying the team has the best head coach in the country, and that if they want to be happy for a lifetime they need to win the damn championship.

Holtz took the time to visit with Strong, along with his grandson, Texas senior walk-on quarterback Trey Holtz, during the visit.