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WATCH: Texas Longhorns freshmen view Freddie Steinmark film ‘My All American’

"He was exactly what Texas football is supposed to be."

Texas Longhorns legend Freddie Steinmark is the namesake for the scoreboard at DKR Stadium and the subject of the film "My All American," which debuted last fall.

But beyond that, Steinmark is an inspiration for each new class of ‘Horns football players when they start their college career and learn his story.

Steinmark was a star cornerback on the 'Horns 1969 national championship team and appeared in the "Game of the Century" against Arkansas with a hurt left leg. Tragically, cancer was discovered in that leg just days later and it was quickly amputated. In 1971 Steinmark succumbed to the disease, helping to inspire the National Cancer Act of 1971.

The 2016 freshman class recently sat down to watch the film about Steinmark’s life, and above, some of the team’s coaches talk about what his legacy means to the program.

Michael Huff, a ‘Horns defensive back from 2002-05, addressed the freshmen before the film.

"He was exactly what Texas football is supposed to be," Huff says.

Longhorns wide receivers coach Charlie Williams learned about Steinmark after playing against his younger brother in college.

"I thought it was an outstanding movie," Williams says. "I see what Texas football is all about. I didn’t know about the story before I played against his younger brother in college. After that, we both became coaches, and that’s how I learned about the story."

Anthony Johnson, another former player and now the ‘Horns running backs coach, says Mack Brown always told his teams the story and how Steinmark exemplifies what it means to be a Longhorn.

"To have his name live on, I think that’s what’s important," Johnson says.

Viewing the movie could become a tradition for future freshman entering the Texas program.

"This guy was going through everything he could to help his team win," says Williams. "That’s what Texas football is all about."