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WATCH: Get to know Texas OL coach Derek Warehime

“Everybody goes to the line. We go beyond the line.”

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New Texas Longhorns offensive line coach Derek Warehime was one of the first staff members to follow Tom Herman to the 40 Acres.

Warehime had been the OL coach for the Houston Cougars, and now enjoys the same role in Austin.

You can get to know him better in this clip:

Warehime says Herman has been a mentor for almost a decade and that he’s excited to see his boss finally reach a big-time job like Texas. He also describes Herman as a family-oriented coach with a staff who all have the same mindset and approach.

“We love football and we love each other,” Warehime says. “I couldn’t have any more respect for Coach Herman, for what he represents.”

He looks for players who are competitors in all aspects, be it in practice, in the weight room or even in other sports. Bottom line: Warehime needs guys who have a burning desire to play college football.

“The line is not the finish line, the line to finish is beyond the finish line,” he says. “Everybody goes to the line. We go beyond the line, and that’s the way that I coach.”