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Tom Herman invites YOU to Texas Student Appreciation Practice

It’s going down Saturday, March 25.

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Ever wanted to meet and mingle with the Texas Longhorns players and coaches? Or maybe uh, compete against a couple of former players in a skills competition?

Yep, now’s your chance:

In the above clip, head football coach Tom Herman invites what he describes as “the greatest student section in all of college football” to attend what’s officially being called Student Appreciation Day practice. It will be held starting at 12:30 p.m. CT Saturday, March 25 at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

"I hope that all 50,000 students show up," Herman said in a release. "It's a great opportunity to be on the field with our players during the scrimmage and do some really cool things that haven't been done around here in a while.

"It's really important because we play for our student body. We are a representation of the student body. We exist solely for the purpose of morale and school spirit, and we want to give back to the students. We hope they take advantage of it."

That access will be taken to another level on the 25th. Students can compete in a skills competition against former ‘Horns including Michael Huff, Colt McCoy and Marquise Goodwin. Not only that, students will have the opportunity to stand on the field during a scrimmage and can interact with both players and coaches afterward.

"I think it's pretty awesome that Coach Herman and the staff have added the student competition to the spring game," Huff said. "I've been putting in some extra work to get ready and am looking forward to the challenge our best students have to offer. Seeing the students compete on Saturday will be fun, and the events the former players participate in at the spring game will make it extra special."

The top two students from each drill will compete against each other, with the winner going up against a former ‘Horn for all the glory. Competitions will include the 40-yard dash, punt return, obstacle course, throwing accuracy, and jugs machine.

This should be pretty interesting. You’ve got to give Herman points for creativity.