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WATCH: Texas will put on pads Tuesday for the first time this spring

This Is Texas.

Shane Buechele
Jeff Howe (Horns247)

Tom Herman’s unique style is beginning to show across the Texas Longhorns football program, from its practices and recruiting habits to its social media presence.

The last of those three was on display as Herman tweeted this football practice hype video in preparation for Tuesday’s practice in pads, the first of the spring, and ends with a declarative “This Is Texas.”

On display are shots from the practice field and coaches running players through drills as the team prepares to return from spring break, which was thankfully uneventful:

Herman has been reluctant to make any evaluations of his players in shorts, but that will change now as he continues to work instilling the practice habits necessary to return the program to respectability.

"If you've got elite, championship practice habits, you can call whatever play you want, if you've got good players and you've recruited well," Herman said. "I think that's really starting to sink in."

The coaching staff is stepping up its music game as well, with this clip scored by Ice Cube’s “Wicked.”

You could say Herman is the one with the fat mad skills.