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WATCH: Longhorn Extra with Texas associate head coach Stan Drayton

“If you’re trying to be the best, you have to put in work at a high level.”

The Longhorn Network’s series on the Texas Longhorns coaching staff continues with associate head coach and run game coordinator Stan Drayton.

The 46-year-old is very well travelled in his 20-plus years as a coach with stops at Penn, Villanova, Bowling Green, the Green Bay Packers, Mississippi State, Florida, Tennessee, Syracuse, Ohio State and the Chicago Bears.

He’s been a running backs coach at most of those stops, and continues in that role with the ‘Horns. Check out the interview to learn more about him:

During his playing days Drayton was an overachiever at Division III Allegheny College, becoming a multiple-time All-American. It gave him a competitive edge and a bit of a chip on his shoulder that he’s been able to apply to his coaching career.

“There’s a mindset that you have to have. At any level that you’re at, if you’re trying to be the best, you have to put in work at a high level,” Drayton says. “It requires a relentless mindset. Whatever room I’ve been at, whatever team I’ve been a part of it’s about trying to be the best that you can possibly be.”

Drayton has coached a number of great running backs including Brian Westbrook, Arian Foster and Ezekiel Elliott. He hopes to help make the ‘Horns’ Chris Warren III into the next great back.

“The thing with Chris is that he just has to learn how to bring that ‘what it takes to be great’ work ethic,” says Drayton. “He’s got to put in relentless effort every single day.”

Drayton’s goals for the spring are to raise the football IQ of his players and get them to understand better what defenses are trying to do.

“If they can just get tougher mentally and physically, put their purpose and ‘why’ at the forefront of everything they do, this group will go in the direction we’re trying to take them.”