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Top 10 plays from Saturday’s Orange-White spring game

This list could have easily featured another 10 plays from a glorified scrimmaged that was full of big-time moments.


10. Charles Omenihu gave early enrollee Toneil Carter an early welcome to college football present.

It seems unlikely that Toneil Carter appreciated this hit very much, but it’s a guarantee that Tom Herman and Todd Orlando did.

9. Chris Brown picks off Shane Buechele.

The sophomore safety came up with the only turnover of the afternoon.

8. With the game on the line, the first-team defense stuffed the first-team offense at the goal line.

This play was notable for a variety of reasons. The scrimmage was technically supposed to be over, but Tom Herman wanted one final play to determine the winner. The 4th and Goal served as the first and only play of the afternoon where the first-team units were matched up against each other, and after ranking 70th last season after giving up 27 red zone touchdowns, the defense making a goal line stand is certainly an encouraging sign.

7. Collin Johnson jukes Eric Cuffee after the catch.

6’6 people shouldn’t be able to do things like this. But then again, Collin Johnson isn’t your average 6’6 person.

6. Toneil Carter breaks free after the catch, Chris Brown delivers the big hit.

This one was a twofer: The catch and big gain from Toneil Carter, and then the big hit from Chris Brown. If Todd Orlando was angry during the run, his mood probably changed with the way Brown brought Carter down.

5. Toneil Carter puts would-be-tackler Eric Cuffee on his back.

Toneil Carter could still be in high school prepping for prom, but he’s running college defensive backs over instead.

4. Jeffrey McCulloch spins off of Connor Williams and sacks Shane Buechele.

This play is evidence of why Jeffrey McCulloch has generated so much praise throughout the spring and it’s made even more impressive considering his Dwight Freeney-esque moves were tested on an All-American offensive tackle.

3. Shane Buechele caps the first Texas scoring drive with a perfect pass to Collin Johnson.

This pitch and catch from Shane Buechele and Collin Johnson couldn’t have been any more perfect. Who’s ready to see much, much more of this in the red zone next season?

2. Shane Buechele completes his second first-half touchdown pass to Collin Johnson, and it was beautiful.

This duo appears to be well on its way to giving defensive coordinators nightmares for the next few seasons. Collin Johnson looks every bit of an All-Big 12 wide receiver and he looks the part of Texas’ best receiver early on.

1. A great pass from Sam Ehlinger is topped by an even better touchdown catch by Lil’Jordan Humphrey.

Even if the passes aren’t coming from early enrollee Sam Ehlinger, there’s good reason to believe we’ll be seeing plenty of play-making from sophomore wide receiver Lil’Jordan Humphrey in 2017.