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ESPNU analysts play ‘Horns Up, Horns Down’ on College Football Daily

Do you agree with what some of the best in the business said about the Longhorns and the direction of the program?

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

As part of ESPNU’s College Football Daily’s spring football coverage, the daily program is making the rounds profiling many of the nation’s programs.

Wednesday’s edition featured the Texas Longhorns and the program’s first-year head coach Tom Herman.

As the program drew to a close, Brendan Fitzgerald and Jason Seahorn played a game of ‘Horns Up, Horns Down,’ with Horns Up representing a belief or agreement with the topic in discussion and Horns Down signifying a disagreement or disbelief.

Here’s what Seahorn had to say and where he stands on a few things regarding Herman and the ‘Horns future:

Texas wins 8 games this season

JS: “I’m gonna have to go with Horns Down on that. 31 points given up last year, 30 in 2015. Defensive deficiencies are pretty bad; worst two-year stretch in like 50 years. I’m gonna go with Horns Down. Herman’s gonna do a lot of great things, I just don’t know if they’re an eight-win team. You don’t go from what they’ve been the last couple years, three years, to that, that fast, but we’ll see.”

Tom Herman calls out defensive line for being heavy

JS: “Horns Up! Get the thin-skinned kids out! Football requires very thick skin. You’ve gotta be able to take criticism. The praise comes from the crowd, I get that, but your coach has to criticize you during the week to remind you that you are not quite as good as you think you are. You’ve gotta call it like it is. If you’ve got some out-of-shape, overweight players, call ‘em out. Get ‘em in shape. He’s [Herman] having fun with it, but at the same point in time, changes need to be made.”

Texas will win Big 12 title within 3 years

JS: “Horns Up, yeah. I think this is a coach that’s proven from his entire track record he wins. He understands what it takes to win. I just think he’s got a huge weight that he’s gotta lift off this program first, but yes, he’ll get there.”

Herman’s tactics appeal to recruits

JS: We talked about this [this] week. First it was [Jim] Harbaugh and now it’s Herman; maybe it’s the “H’s.” But Horns Up on that one. These kids — style and substance; we want substance on Saturdays. The style gets the kids to come to the school so you can have that success on Saturdays. Style all the way; kids love it.

For the most part, Seahorn is on board with Herman and the direction he’s taking the Texas football program. He doesn’t envision immediate success on the Forty Acres, but believes Texas has the right man for the job and that success is on the horizon.

What are the burnt orange nation’s thoughts?